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Broadford Bay

The Health Oasis, on the Isle of Skye, Highlands of Scotland, is a Centre for Complementary Therapies which offers  Therapies, Workshops, Meditation  and Yoga in the Highlands of Scotland.

Since 1999, professional Therapists have offered their skills in a wide range of holistic therapies to nourish body, mind and soul.  

Enjoy a variety of complementary, holistic health treatments, learn new relaxation techniques and rebalance yourself through meditation. Our aim is to reach people with problems who are looking for treatments and pain relief as well as people who come for recharging, fun and pampering sessions. We all hold a strong belief that living in contact with nature and learning how to live with a greater sense of self-awareness are a powerful combination which is fundamental for our health and well being.

The workshops are aimed to give you the opportunity to relax, learn how to connect with your inner creative self and replenish yourself with new skills to take away with you.

Health Oasis Broadford

After 12 years in Kyle of Lochalsh the Health Oasis is now situated at Riverbank, Broadford “under the Sycamore tree”. It provides a relaxing, warm and friendly meeting place.



New: Heart and Soul Ceremonies

Through Heart and Soul Ceremonies Rev. Sonja Ganga Eckl-Riel offers tailor made spirutal, religious or humanist/civil Weddings, Baby Blessings, Rites of Passage, Funeral & Memorial Services, Healing Sessions, Spiritual Support within the community, Worship Services, Meditation and Creative Journey Workshops.

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THE HEALTH OASIS, Riverbank, Broadford

For appointments and informations please phone 07780 737484

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