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Bio-energetic testing is a method of assessing your reactions to particular foods and substances. You hold a baton which is connected to the test device, while a probe is gently applied to an acupuncture point on your other hand; this completes a very low voltage circuit. Substances are then introduced into the circuit and your responses are detected & monitored by the Electro-resonance device.

Developed in the 1950’s by Drs Voll & Schimmel; this system of testing is accurate, painless, non-invasive, holistic & complementary to both orthodox & alternative medicine.

Testing can also be carried out for airborne substances that may cause health issues or exacerbate an existing condition, such as asthma, hay fever, headaches, migraine or other persistent or recurring problems.

Vitamin and mineral deficiency testing will highlight those that you require to increase in your diet.

You will receive a record of your results including information and guidance to assist you with your nutrition and which foods are rich in particular vitamins or minerals that you may have a deficiency in.

Your test record will include lists of alternative or replacement foods and guidance on how to manage food sensitivities or severe intolerances.

Specific additional substances may be tested for allergy or intolerance; such as, pet hair, foods or substances not included in the test kits or topical treatments etc.

Many people who have persevered with constant or recurrent health problems,often for years, treatng the symptoms of their illness; regain their health once the cause of the symptoms have been established. Bio-energetic testing is designed to give insight as to which foods or substances create a ‘disorder’ in your health.

Following a 30 year career in nursing, I studied business management & completed a one year diploma course on allergies testing & treatment.Research & experience led me to believe that bio-energetic testing is highly beneficial to those suffering from food intolerances & allergies.

After a further training course in the use of the bio-energetic testing machines I began ‘Haven & Health Holistics’ in 2014, which includes the Tibetan Reiki that I began studying & practicing in 1998 & teaching in 2001.

Allergies Testing

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Isabell Esson
AT&T Dip* AHCP Reg. BSY Reg.
Noma Complex Homeopathy
Registered bio-energetic tester.

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