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Working with individuals

Counselling supports you to come to terms with or make life changes at your own pace in your own way. I place great importance on the connection and relationship of trust that builds up between the Client (you) and Counsellor (me) to help you feel empowered and valued, which can lead to powerful learning and new awareness. I am guided by the Person Centred theory that, given the right conditions, individuals have inner resources to resolve their own issues. My role is to provide a safe environment to support you to explore and make decisions for yourself. However, I also will use strategies from other counselling theories if it is appropriate for the issue the client brings.

Working with Children and Young People (CYP)

I use a variety of methods to work with CYP depending on their age, stage and interests. Some CYP find creative ways helpful to explore their feelings, thoughts and behaviours; others like to talk. I provide a safe environment without judgement to support the CYP to find ways through their difficulties and to find a stronger sense of self and understanding. Issues may include: bullying, confidence, school/home conflicts, relationships, sexuality.

Working with couples

My aim in couples counselling is to offer a safe, neutral space in which a couple can explore ways to resolve the issues that have brought them to this point. I will support the couple to listen and speak to each other without fear of judgement, blame or criticism and to explore their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. We will try to find shared goals and ways forward that are right for both people and recognise that some things cannot necessarily be changed but can be understood and accepted. However, couples work is not always appropriate and this would be explained and explored before any counselling might take place.

What to expect

Before counselling can begin we have an initial meeting for you to tell me a little about the issues that are worrying you, for me to explain the counselling process and for us to decide whether we can work together. Counselling can seem scary or daunting so it’s important for you to feel comfortable. I will explain about confidentiality and its limits, we can decide the frequency and number of sessions, and I will try to answer any queries. I will also ask why you have chosen to come for counselling and what you might hope to gain from it. However, it is not always necessary to know exactly what you want or to have a definite goal. With a couple, we would look at the different issues you both bring and find a common theme that both partners would feel safe to work on. For CYP, depending on their age and if appropriate, I would have a conversation with the parent or carer together with the CYP as well as meeting the CYP on their own, as expectations and goals might differ.

Counselling can be hard work – it can be emotionally draining and there are no guarantees so it is important to consider your desire and commitment to work towards your own development. Counsellors encourage open and honest dialogue.

Supervision for Counsellors and Health Care and other Professionals

I see the supervisory relationship as a supportive and collaborative partnership. As a supervisee you will decide what you need in the session, whether it is a place to explore specific client issues, your reactions to client material, a space to reflect on particular interventions, etc. I will provide a safe, non-judgemental space for you to explore your client work. Counsellors undertake regular supervision as required by their professional body. However, professionals working in health care or other settings may also feel the need for and the benefit of external supervision (as opposed to organisational line-management supervision) to work through and process issues arising from their work. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

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