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What is Homœopathy?

Homœopathy is a remarkably effective holistic system of medicine formulated over 200 years ago. It treats the mind and body as one using small doses of natural substances.

How can Homœopathy help me?

The body has an inbuilt healing mechanism. Some call it the immune system or defence mechanism. Homœopaths call it the “vital force”. This vital force strives to keep us balanced and healthy. When knocked off balance the vital force produces symptoms as it tries to redress the balance. A return to health cannot be achieved if symptoms are not resolved naturally. A homœopathic remedy gently stimulates the vital force to complete its job.

How does Homœopathy work?

When taking the case the homœopath doesn’t look only at presenting symptoms but at the whole person. In doing so a complete remedy picture can be formulated, revealing what makes each individual different from anyone else with the same complaint. The homœopath will prescribe a remedy that fits each case individually, which will be sent to the patient a few days after the interview.

How long does treatment last?

This will depend largely on the patient’s level of health at the start of treatment. An elderly person, for example, whose vital force could be at a low ebb may need treatment over a longer period to regain a good level of health, whereas a child, whose vital force should be strong, will probably only need short term treatment to provide long-term good health.

Why does treatment consist of only one pill?

A single carefully selected remedy is enough to trigger the body’s own immune system. The classical homœopath gives only one pill at a time because the remedy is selected to match the “total symptom picture.”

Are there any long-term effects?

Yes. By strengthening the vital force, the patient is treated on all levels, mental, emotional and physical, resulting in an overall increase in health. Physically the patient is more resistant to disease. Mentally and emotionally there is an increase in the ability to withstand stresses.

The overall result of successful treatment is a returned sense of balance and well being.



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