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The mind is an amazing thing but at times our negative thoughts can become our enemy. I am a clinical hypnotherapist who works with people who have been suffering from stress and anxiety, depression and low self-esteem, phobias, pain management, self-hypnosis for childbirth, negative behaviour patterns and sleep problems amongst many other issues.

People who have lost their way in life. Maybe they just don't know how to make things better. I help them regain confidence and to see that they can take control back of their lives and create a positive future.

What sets me apart is that I use a scientifically proven, solution focused approach. I only focus on the future and how we can achieve positive outcomes rather than dwelling on the past. By explaining how the brain works and why you are feeling the way you do we can set positive goals for the future, undo any negative behaviour patterns, create positive patterns and habits and then lock those in for permanent change.

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