Heart and Soul Ceremonies


as taught by Yogi Bhajan

​Is a dynamic practice for Body, Mind & Spirit.

Kundalini is the source of vital energy and universal life force within each one of us. It is the energy of consciousness that is dormant within us. As Kundalini is awakened the mind wakes up, intuition turns on and you become conscious of another dimension. Through this technology we discover our true self, kundalini yoga is known as the yoga of awareness.

In Kundalini Yoga we do powerful exercises and stretching postures to mobilise our joints, back and move our circulation. After the exercises there is a deep relaxation and meditation to rest the body and mind. Some of the exercises strengthen different body functions and help mental or physical problems. Many sets cleanse the body and help to break mental and physical habits and meditations can cut through outgrown ways of being and thinking and induce a natural state of joy.

​Kundalini Yoga works on the mind as well as the body. Regular practice not only releases stress but also strengthens the nervous system increasing your ability to cope with stress. In addition it gives you the energy to cope with the pace of modern life.

If practiced regularly Kundalini Yoga is a self healing technology that will bring happiness and spiritual growth.

What will Kundalini yoga do for me?

Greater clarity of thought, increased vitality, inner tranquillity, increased intuition and creativity, less stress and the ability to relax are all experienced with regular practice. 

What happens in a Kundalini yoga class?

We begin by "tuning in" with a short mantra then we start with some warm up exercises and follow this with a Kriya – a Yoga set of exercises for a specific purpose. This includes stretching postures, movement exercises, breathing exercises and chanting of mantras. Mantras may seem strange at first but they are really Yoga for the mind, they set up sound vibrations in the body and change mental states. Finally we finish with relaxation and meditation.

You can bring your own mat and blanket to keep warm during deep relaxation but there will be some provided if you come without. Wear loose comfortable clothing and avoid eating a meal for about 2 hours before the class (a light snack is ok).  It's also advisable to bring a bottle of water (glasses and water are available at The Health Oasis) and to drink plenty after each class.


It can be hard to just sit down and meditate as the mind wanders constantly. The yoga exercises prepare the body and mind for meditation. We can use mantras and breathing techniques to engage and focus the mind during meditation, helping the mind to become still.

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