Heart and Soul Ceremonies


Regular Friday Evening Group Meditation

A chance to come together in group meditation with likeminded people to encourage your regular practice. 

Arrive for a cuppa and catch up
Go within to ask what would be useful…
Group meditation practice informed by what people would be useful to people... might be silence, gong, guided, breath, contemplation, asking a question, etc. likely to be a variety of practices over the weeks
Closing round of sharing

£6 per session

NOT every Friday, please see events on Facebook for dates… https://www.facebook.com/skyemeditation/events/

Experience Effortless Meditation

A 1 day course to teach an effortless meditation practice, intended to be a 20 minute daily practice.

The course explains what meditation is, why meditate, how to meditate and explains what you might experience both in meditation and over time if you make the practice regular.

In the morning before the break, I give an introduction, which is a chance to meet one another, ask any questions, etc.  Late morning I teach the practice taking you in and out of meditation several times and ensuring you’re comfortable with it and doing it correctly (effortlessly), ending with a 10 minute meditation.  In the afternoon I talk about the release of stress and the process of transformation and we do a further 20 minute meditation.  The day is very relaxed with time to learn, to experience the practice, to reflect, to ask questions and to bust myths including ‘I can’t meditate… I can’t clear my mind’.  Anyone can do this practice!

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