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Pilates is based on the work of Joseph Pilates (1880-1967), who created a series of 'classical' exercises that built strength without adding bulk and balanced that strength with flexibility.  The 'classical' Pilates exercises that he developed may take years to perfect and may well be beyond the capability of the average person, so Pilates teachers break those exercises down so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of Pilates whilst working safely and effectively towards the more advanced exercises.


Pilates targets the deep postural muscles, building strength from the inside out, rebalancing the body and bringing it into the correct alignment.  It helps to reshape your body, which will become longer, leaner and more toned.  It will improve your posture, achieving the perfect balance between strength and flexibility, and is a great way to relieve unwanted stress and tension.


Its slow, controlled approach means that it gives much longer-term results and is ideal for first-time exercisers, Athletes looking to enhance their performance, avoiding the risk of injury and It is especially recommended by medical specialists for those with back problems.

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