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Reiki is the Japanese word for the vital life energy which flows through every living thing & can be activated for the purpose of healing. It can be learned by anyone for personal or professional use. 

Reiki is an ancient Tibetan healing system, which dates back thousands of years.Rediscovered by Japan’s Dr. Mikao Usui, a professor of theology & later a medical doctor, in the early 1800’s. Dr Hayashi was Dr Usui’s successor & founded a Reiki clinic in Japan where he accumulated considerable evidence in support of this powerful method of healing.

It is of no doctrine or religion & heals on every level promoting physical, emotional, mental & spiritual harmony of the whole person. Reiki is a safe, natural, holistic discipline which supports complementary & orthodox medicine.It is an aid in the treatment of many complaints such as arthritis, migraine, anxiety, depression, stress, back pain, asthma, eczema, psoriasis & injury. Healing always occurs on some level as the process accesses & transmits the energies which catalyse the body’s natural healing abilities, so it has no side effects.

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Isabell Esson
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Noma Complex Homeopathy
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