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People often come for shiatsu as a way of easing either chronic or acute physical problems.
Shiatsu can also offer a way to work with emotional difficulty.

Through touching points and meridians, shiatsu can help us to feel how our different parts connect to each other and give us a renewed sense of well-being.
Shiatsu can also be used as time taken out of a busy life for ourselves, as support and to help us relax.

What to expect

You can sit on a chair, or lie on a futon, which ever is more comfortable for you.
Fairly loose, comfortable clothing is ideal.

During Covid I only do 1 treatment per day, work with fresh laundered sheets and pillowcases, shower and wear clean clothes directly before shiatsu, use hand sanitiser and wear a mask.

Shiatsu can be a very calming holding of ‘points’, gentle stretching, and light manipulation of the joints. It can also be more dynamic, active and enlivening.
It depends on what is required on the day.

I work in a quiet, peaceful, warm room down by the shore at Camuslusta, Waternish. I also will travel to clients if this is more appropriate.

A shiatsu usually lasts around an hour and 15 minutes and costs £40.

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For appointments and informations please phone 07780 737484

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