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Allergies: testing & treatment.


Several years ago, having recovered from some ongoing health issues; which turned out to be caused by food allergy; I realised that many of the people I knew also had health problems & illnesses,that didn’t respond to conventional treatments, sometimes becoming worse.

I researched the method of testing I’d had done, that had pinpointed the root cause of my illness; it was ‘bio-energetic’ testing & had been widely used in several other countries since the 1950’s.

Bio-energetic testing is a naturopathic medicine, referred to as ‘a highly sophisticated form of electro-acupuncture’; it is accurate, painless & complementary to orthodox & alternative medicine.

I completed a diploma course on ‘Allergies: Testing & treatment’, & a further course to register as a bio-energetic tester, with Noma Complex Homeopathy; I currently test for food intolerances, vitamin & mineral deficiencies & airborne allergens, using an electro-resonance device.

Feedback from clients confirms the swift improvement of their health, once they remove the problem food from their diet.


I worked as a registered nurse for 30 years, until 2 years ago; reiki became a part of my life during the latter 15 years of nursing.

I became fascinated by Reiki in 1994, when a friend who’d been very ill, & who didn’t believe in “all this hocus-pocus nonsense” made a spectacular recovery, literally, by the end of his reiki session; the fact that he didn’t believe ( & went for reiki under protest), yet had instant results made me sure that this healing must be powerful stuff! I now know that it is indeed.

I set about finding a teacher & was initiated into Tibetan Usui Reiki in 1998, after a year of practice I did the second degree in 1999 & the master/teacher degree in 2000.


I’m delighted to be visiting the Health Oasis on the last Thursdays of the month, beginning in September.





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