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Brigid MacLachlan

Brigid Maclachlan B.A. Lic.Ac.

Lic. Ac. stands for Licentiate of Acupuncture. Originally I trained in traditional acupuncture, completing a rigorous three year professional training with the College of Traditional Acupuncture.

Shiatsu is a form of bodywork and massage which originated in Japan and uses many of the same ideas, philosophy, and principles as traditional acupuncture.

After training in acupuncture, I completed three year professional diploma course with the Glasgow School of Shiatsu.

Over the last 12 years my Continued Professional Development (CPD) has taken the form of many years of Post-Graduate study in Movement shiatsu with Bill Palmer (https://seed.org/bill-palmer/), one of the founding practitioners of the Shiatsu Society in the UK.

These studies have included Inner Qigong, teacher training, voicework, experiential anatomy, and much training and exploration of bodywork with other practitioners.

Contact me on 07890 184 313 / 01470 592 201 / brigidbug@gmail.com 

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