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Chinese Acupuncture/herbs for the menopause

Chinese Medicine, in common with other holistic therapies, is a preventative form of medicine. There is saying from the Chinese classics: do not wait until you are thirsty to drill a well - meaning of course, do not wait until you are sick until you treating the body and the mind.

This means, Chines medicine is a suitable form of therapy for a woman to prepare for menopause. Our often hectic lifestyle and exposure to pollutants means, that our bodies are more prone to imbalances that will cause discomfort during the years of hormonal change, so it is more important than ever to prepare ourselves for that time.

In general we find that the symptoms that are commonly associated with the menopause such as hot flushes, insomnia, night sweats, irritability and restlessness and other psycho-emotional problems are due to what in Chinese Medicine is referred to as Yin Deficiency. Yin is moist, cooling, it has a downward movement and conveys as sense of calm and rest.  Yang, its complementary opposite, on the other hand signifies heat, an upward movement, it's drying and dynamic. So Yin Deficiency means, we see a predominance of Yang-type symptoms, because Yin is weak and cannot anchor the upward-striving Yang. So what we often do in Chinese Medicine treatments for the menopausal patient is to nourish the Yin so that it gets strong enough to harness the Yang. Of course, this is a generalisation and some women might have different imbalances from this one - Yin deficiency is just one of the more common patterns we see in clinic. But during a consultation it can be established what the particular problem is. By treating accordingly and before more severe symptoms set in, menopause should not be the dreaded time many women expect it to be. With some preparation and lifestyle changes, it could then much rather be a time for looking back at all you have achieved in your life, taking stock and looking forward to the years ahead. The Chinese culture is one, where the elders in society are revered for their wisdom, so you too could become a wise woman.

Johanna Schuster, Highland Acupuncture/Chinese Herbalist



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