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Homeopathy is a system of medicine that has been around for over 200 years and is still growing. Today, professionally and medically trained homeopaths treat patients for a range of problems on a world-wide scale.

Basic principles:

  • the law of similars
  • the single dose
  • treating the whole person

The law of similars - treating like with like - that which causes illness can also cure it. Homeopaths believe that the body responds to the stimulus of the similar remedy by throwing off the symptoms of illness.

In other words, instead of neutralising symptoms by opposing or suppressing them, homeopathic remedies work as a catalyst, gently stimulating the body's self healing mechanism.

The single dose - the single homoeopathic dose is enough to trigger the body's own natural recuperative powers. Once this process is under way, the remedy has done all that is required and no further stimulation is needed. 

The importance of treating the whole person - we treat the person, not the disease, searching for individualising characteristics when attempting to select a remedy.
Homeopathy supports the body's innate healing process so that illness can be overcome by the body's own efforts.

Now we come to health and homoeopathy, or come alive at 45 (or at any time!) In order to live life to the full, it helps if we can maintain optimum health.

Once a woman reaches a certain age, it is all too easy to label her symptoms as menopausal. Many symptoms are less to do with a shortage of hormones and more to do with an imbalance. Homoeopathy can be very helpful in restoring the balance.

The system needs to be supported as gently and effectively as possible. A holistic approach and positive changes in lifestyle can enhance our overall health. Homoeopathy is well suited to treating the menopause as emotional and mental symptoms are given as much weight as physical ones. When homoeopathic treatment is successful, the patient feels better on all levels: there should be a measurable boost in energy levels and an enhanced sense of well being.

It is vital to make sure we do not neglect to eat nutritious foods and we need exercise and activities to enhance our sense of well being. And bear in mind that everyone is different, we may find that some activities and also some therapies work better for us than others.

Because the natural approach is holistic, it is not an easy option. It is no longer just a case of carrying on with our current lifestyle and ignoring any adverse effects. But taking control of our health in positive ways can help us feel empowered.

Change can be viewed from two completely different perspectives - as a threat or as an opportunity. Don't try to stop the waves, learn to surf!

Anne Barany, Homeopath



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