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Using Art for Small Group Training


The Mandala Drawing Process:

Art is more than a collection of crafted things; it is more than the process of creating those things. Art is the chance to encounter dimensions of our inner being and to discover deep, rewarding patterns of meaning. To be artistic/creative is a powerful vehicle for personal and collective transformation. By the word transformation, I mean, the process by which one is able to change the quality of life from its current condition to a deeper understanding about oneself.

Using art, especially the Mandala Drawing Process, in Small Group Situations gives access to the emotional side of the individual, the side which is governed by the right brain function. The right brain governs and communicates information about feelings, values, attitudes and beliefs. Art is one tool that can help the individual to express thoughts and feelings more readily since these feelings do not need to be filtered through the left side of the brain.

Left side is the part that governs and controls the logical, linear, language functions. Therefore, communication through art might help to be more authentic and believable.

The purpose of the Mandala Process is to facilitate the individual to know her/himself better. By using this form of art, we provide a way for the individual not only to know her/himself better but also to serve the society. The Mandala Process is designed to open up lines of inner communication in these ways:


  1. Discover one’s own symbol- and communication system.
  2. Gain an understanding about the beauty of diversity of people.
  3. To awaken us to higher levels of consciousness.
  4. To discover one’s individual potential and creative possibilities.
  5. To mark or honor significant times, places and events either personal or with community/society
  6. To look into more philosophic aspects of life such as “What is the nature of Love? Or Truth? Or Beauty? Or Myself?” as well as struggling with our own mortality.
  7. To renew and reaffirm the promises or commitments made between humankind and nature and between man and God.
  8. To celebrate life.

Art is creative power. It is an instrument of communication between the deep, inner self and the outer Self of the everyday world; the individual and society and the individual and its higher sources. When we practice some form of artistic expression, we first strive to become personally enlightened or wise or whole. After that, as a consequence of our inner development, the purpose of art changes into the desire to make the community enlightened or wise or whole.



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