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The Mandala Process

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The Mandala Process is a way of opening up the creative potential by journeying inward, to go beyond the superficial into the depth of inner awareness. As with all creative journeys, it begins with a challenge to look within. You will not only ask, “What is out there?” but also “What is in here?”

The Mandala Process uses drawings (done within the confines of a circle) as a tool for deepening and extending personal growth. The word “Mandala” comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “sacred circle”. Mandalas were originally used by Tibetan Zen Masters as a tool to help focus the wandering attention of the new student. American Indians use the Medicine Wheel (their form for the Mandala) as psychological model for spiritual, physical and emotional health. An American Indian Shaman uses a sand painting Mandala as a healing device in order to protect a person who is ill from the negative influences of evil spirits.

C.G. Jung uses Mandalas as a way of accessing the deep, original language of the psyche (pictures and symbols) for healing of mental and emotional illness.


The Mandala circle represented the unified whole self. When we do Mandalas for ourselves, we are looking at a microscopic aspect of our soul. When we use the Mandala as a small group training tool, it shows us what each individual brings to the group as their special gift and talent. It can also show us where there is potential for conflict within the group.


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