Heart and Soul Ceremonies

An Experience in Shamanism

Isle of Skye - 23rd March - 10 am to evening

With Ocean Graham From the teaching of Joseph Rael - Beautiful Painted Arrow and 20 years of experience in ceremonial work. This day will be fun, surprising, healing, heart-warming and give you tremendous tools to use for life.

  • Medicine wheel philosophy: how to work an idea through. This is a very practical tool for bringing ideas to manifestation in a considered way
  • Sound meditation: name healing, working with sounds to energise our focus, get more meaning from everyday words and re-consecrate our names
  • Building a sweat lodge and fire to heat stones for it
  • Drum Journey: to meet our power animal
  • Sweat lodge ceremony of purification: We will participate in a 4 round ceremony and come to understand the metaphor of all aspects of the ceremony and experience a purification
  • Medicine dance: To experience a medicine dance ceremony and the healing, clarity and insight that this can bring

Contribution for the day £75 – Limited places so please contact Ocean at 01470511351 or oceanandscotty@btinternet.com for information and booking.



THE HEALTH OASIS, Riverbank, Broadford

For appointments and informations please phone 07780 737484

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