Heart and Soul Ceremonies


We use spiritual practice to nourish our inner vertical and horizontal dimensions.

Inner vertical concerns US and OUR SOURCE. Meditation helps us to become still, to gain deeper access to the subtle dimensions of life. By going inward, we are going into direct experience with our source.

The horizontal dimension addresses our spirituality in RELATIONSHIP TO OTHERS AND THE ENVIRONMENT. By becoming mindful, being in service, reflecting our inner wisdom, watching resistances, sharing, forgiving, we integrate our inner spiritual knowing into our daily life.


Sufi quote (Sufism is Islamic mysticism)

“The two dimensions of spiritual practice meet in the heart, it is considered as the axis point between heaven and earth”.


Introduction of different techniques

Relaxation: (Body/Mind)

Through gentle breathing we will get the body into an alpha state. The alpha state is the state between waking and sleeping and is characterized by relaxation and peace. This allows a quality of detached awareness and helps to witness whatever is present. Alpha is an experience of a pleasant, light reverie which, in and of itself, can assist in creativity and insight. 

Guided Imagery

GI is a set of visualisations that can help to drift inward and connect with your subconscious mind. It is called the deep voice of your soul.

Imagery involving directional movement, tends to elicit theta activity – for example, walking down a set of stairs or struggling up a steep incline, going through a door or passing under an archway, climbing over a pile of rocks or going around a large boulder, walking along a narrow corridor or going into a sacred temple.

Shamanic journeys, which begin with finding some kind of opening or entryway through which you go deep into the earth, are one example of accessing the deep subconscious mind.

The imagery of theta tends to be darker and less distinct than that of alpha. 


We use drawing to give our experience a place in the here and now. Mandala drawing, within the confines of a circle, helps to focus the mind but also serves as symbol for the sacred circle. We combine right brain activities, to get access to the primal language, which is symbolic and unfiltered and left brain actives like drawing, writing & talking to get the perfect “Snap shot” of our current state of consciousness..

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