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Yoga can boost your immune system and develop your personal power!

Yoga means uniting oneself with whatever is positive and uplifting in life. -Swami Niranjanananda

Can yoga help me to relax or sleep better?

YES - A combination of stretching and breathing practices (to relieve physical tensions) and yoga nidra (to ease anxiety and mental tensions) may remove many of the obstacles that prevent a good night's sleep.

Can yoga help me to get fit and flexible?

YES - With regular practice, yoga can make a substantial difference to your fitness and flexibility. It may improve digestion and elimination, increase the vital capacity of your lungs and strengthen and stabilise the core muscle groups of the body. It tends to build long, lean muscle rather than bulky biceps.

Can yoga help me to ease my bad back?

YES - in many cases, when done with awareness. Gentle stretches and twists (if appropriate) can ease out tense muscles and release the joints and surrounding fascia and tissues.

Yoga is not really about being bendy or being able to wrap your feet behind your head (although you might think this is a neat party trick). Yoga will help develop your flexibility and strength, and with time and practice you may be surprised that you can touch your toes. But more importantly yoga will help you to develop awareness, balance and mental flexibility that can be applied to your daily life.

And "being good at yoga" is irrelevant. Yoga is non-competitive and is about developing yourself, not being compared to others.

PLEASE REMEMBER that it is very important that you let your yoga teacher know BEFORE the class begins if you have any medical condition or are on medication. You should also consult with your GP or other qualified healthcare professional if you are currently receiving or have recently had treatment.


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